What we do

At Tappezzeria Artigiana we make a range of bespoke pieces, and design and produce armchairs, sofas, chairs and different models and makes of beds: from large leather sofas for the whole family to fabric armchairs that are perfectly placed in your living room. We design comfortable and soft chairs that are elegant in design and suitable for a large table, spring beds with fabric headboards and wool or horsehair mattresses.

We restore paddings to their original state, using the same natural materials like jute, linen, vegetable fibre or horsehair, wadding and feathers according to the original production techniques, such as fastening with steel biconical springs. This process, that is a traditional technique of quality upholstery, is known as "edge fastening".

Sofa and armchair coverings

Our workshop carries out many works making new coverings for sofas and armchairs for customers who have old and worn out drawing room furniture. With a new cover, they are again new and beautiful as they were.

Furniture and drawing room suite restoration

An important aspect of our work is the recovery and the faithful restoration of armchairs, sofas, chairs and other antique furniture. The first part that wears out and ages is the upholstery that cannot stand well the test of time, compared to wood.


Our workshop studies what period the furniture belongs to, the type of fabric that could be suitable for the covering and, in line with how the customer wants to use it, makes a decision on what material to use to give new light to a piece of furniture that seemed unusable.


Tappezzeria Artigiana in Verona works with passion and dedication to the production and repair of modern and antique fine upholstery. You can request our advice for:

  • sofa, chair, armchair, bed repairs;
  • new covering for sofas, chairs, armchairs, beds;
  • restitching;
  • curtains;
  • curtain and drapes making;
  • cover making;
  • inspections, advice on fabrics;
  • sale of fabrics;
  • bespoke works;
  • furniture recovery and restoration;
  • reliability, experience and speed of execution at your service.
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