Bespoke products

Fine artisan products

Tappezzeria Artigiana's bespoke production is based on quality, which is possible thanks to the experience, professionalism and creativity of expert hands, which still retain the craftsman knowledge that allows to create excellent products.

All upholstery is handmade in our workshop in Verona, using only the highest quality materials. We are constantly committed to quality, which is evident in every fibre of our collection and in bespoke pieces: from the basic looms to fabrics and leather.

The restoration and renovation works are carried out using only well-established artisan techniques and the finest materials, refined but, above all, certainly not mass production.

The upholstery collaborates with prestigious companies like Cesari for example, a supplier of fabrics with unique designs and patterns, velvets, cottons, damasks, silks and satins.

All work is done by hand: from the beech-wood frame to the springs tied by hand, to the stitchings.

We remake the paddings as they were originally, using the same natural materials such as jute, linen, vegetable fibre or horsehair, wadding and feathers in accordance with the original techniques of production, such as spring tying.

We pay special attention to the reconstruction of sofas, chairs, armchairs and chairs.

We strictly adhere to the highest quality standards at all times, without ever compromising them to cut costs or work time.

The result is tangible quality: our products are investment pieces that can be passed down through generations.

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