Fabrics and leathers

Usually leather is divided into two main types: "full-grain" and "top-grain".


The full-grain is a leather that fully retains its original surface appearance so any scars or wrinkles are not defects but elements that testify to the naturalness of the product.


The top grain instead is a skin which has undergone a correction, more or less, to its surface with the purpose of eliminating small or large imperfections.


Leather has very compact, elastic and strong fibres that give it a high resistance to tearing.


To get the best possible result when working with such a natural product a great skill and intuition are required, from the design of the manufacture (sofa, armchair, chair, desk cover, headboard) that needs to be studied with regard to leather characteristics, to leather cutting. Leather is a highly natural product that gives value and prestige to the articles for which it is used.

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