Tappezzeria Artigiana creates unique works customized according to the tastes and needs of our customers, taking care of every single aspect in detail. Each piece is completely made by hand, from the cloth cutting to the manufacture. Each phase of the work is done with accuracy, commitment and passion, faithfully following the traditions of the trade.

Our workshop deals with the recovery and restoration of antique and modern sofas, modernization of out of fashion furniture and remaking of fabric and leather upholstery. It works on:

  • solid poplar or beech wood frames,
  • seats and backrests with steel springs tied by hand,
  • vegetable fibre and wadding seat and backrest paddings,
  • feather an goose-down cushions.

In addition to the recovery of old sofas, we make classic and modern sofas, also bespoke and to measure, based on our customer's requests.

Sofas and armchairs with steel springs

Biconical springs of different sizes provide maximum comfort.

They need to be tied together with jute strings following the traditional method.

Generally they are used to have a flexible edge of elastic and need to have a vegetable or animal fibre padding.


This is a very long process that needs high technical skills and a structure that can hold it all. Only by doing this you will have the highest quality and durability.


Generally, the structure is made to measure with poplar wood but it can also be made of beech wood. First the wood is seasoned and then assembled properly with various types of joints.


Usually, feather or goose down padding is used for a spring seat. On request, we use polyurethane foam of different densities covered with needle-punched synthetic material.


When it comes to a sofa with a removable cover, the fabric (especially if it is cotton or other natural fibres) is soaked before working on it, otherwise at the first wash it would shrink and it would not possible to put it back on the sofa.

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